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Translutions helps create mobility solutions for all users and modes to help build livable communities. We believe successful transportation planning combines the arts as well as the science of space and mobility, as well as mobility and community goals. We help communities craft solutions that are multimodal, holistic, as well as implementable. Our backgrounds in engineering, science, architecture, urban planning, and US as well as California policy, provide us with the tools to assist in the visioning and planning of infrastructure required to provide mobility needs into the future. Our goal is to provide transportation solutions for a community’s long-term economic competitiveness and quality of life. Translutions works closely with public and private clients to ensure each piece of the transportation infrastructure is planned keeping in mind the ultimate users and the projects role in the public arena.

Multimodal Operations

Translutions aims to be a recognized leader in the area of Multimodal Traffic Operations Analysis. Translutions is committed to developing the most effective methods for providing our clients with creative solutions to their problems. We also recognize that the current trend of addressing only automobile traffic does not address the effects of transportation improvements on the overall transportation system. Therefore, we provide multi modal transportation solutions which involve the consideration of multiple modes such as pedestrian, bikes, other non-motorized modes of travel and transit.

Micro Simulation

Translutions aims to be a recognized leader in the area of Micro Simulation. The old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words is further enhanced by technological enhancements. Now, it could be said that a video is worth a million words. Complex traffic operations analyses can be easily be explained and demonstrated to decision makers and designers through the use of micro simulation. Micro simulation techniques visually depict actual operations and operational deficiencies.

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